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Construction[ edit ] The Darmstadt-Dieburger Nahverkehrsorganisation Darmstadt-Dieburg local transport organisation, Dadina for short decided that it would put the disused line back into service and integrate it into the Odenwald Railway. Initially scheduled for competition in Decemberthe reactivation was delayed due to necessary signalling pfungstadt singles at Darmstadt Pfungstadt singles and difficulties with a level crossing in Pfungstadt.

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The same level crossing, which is located just before the end of the line, was restored and not—as appeared likely in the meantime—replaced by an underpass or made unnecessary by shortening the line.

The costs for reactivating the line were borne by the Federal Government and the state of Hesse.

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Every second train of the Odenwald Railway that arrives at Darmstadt Hauptbahhnof, continues to Pfungstadt. However, these have to stay in Darmstadt for about pfungstadt singles minutes before continuing.

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There are intermediate services that only shuttle between Darmstadt and Pfungstadt. The two lines pfungstadt singles shown separately in the timetable: while the Odenwald Railway service is operated as RMV line 65 RB 65the Pfungstadt Railway service has pfungstadt pfungstadt singles given the number The line is listed as route The original station building has been demolished.

A new, simply-equipped station with a metre-long platform was built on the foundations of the historic station for the reactivation.

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