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Apartments with small space surely have no chance to get much furniture, including decoration. Some people will just let their apartment looks plain without any pretty decoration.

If you have the same problem, you can start to make your own DIY project with home decor ideas which are suitable for apartments. Here are 17 DIY home decor for small apartments that you can use. Source: pinterest This flower art decoration is perfect for your apartments. You can use it to decor your desk or wall decoration for the special room. Source: pinterest A simple hanging shelf can be the best apartment decoration.

It is also saving your small apartment space and your small budget.

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Single bedroom apartment design ideas use a wooden board and rope. Source: pinterest We all know that kitchen marble is not cheap. But if you still want single bedroom apartment design ideas have a marble design in your kitchen, you can try to use a special cover with a marble pattern on the kitchen countertop.


Source: pinterest If you are popsicle lover, you should not throw away the stick. Using those sticks, you can create a hexagon shelf as additional storage and apartment decoration.

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Source: pinterest If your apartment drawer looks very plain, you can custom it easily by using wallpaper with beautiful pattern design. You just need to adjust the size according to drawer size then stick it.

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Source: pinterest A welcome quote is already too ordinary for a doormat. Change single bedroom apartment design ideas with a funny word. It can make your doormat looks very cute and also funny.

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Source: pinterest Besides popsicle stick, you can use wire material to make a hexagon shelf. Source: pinterest Even your old bok can be changed into a unique planter.

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Crop the inside part of the book. Fill it with sand and your favorite plants. Source: pinterest DIY box shelf surely is more useful than a usual shelf. You can put anything you want inside the box.

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It is also easy to make it at your apartment. Source: pinterest If your apartment space is impossible to get an additional desk, you can use a ladder. The ladder can be your mini desk and also a mini shelf. Source: pinterest Make your bills, mail paper, and task paper looks tidier with a DIY wire basket.

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Don;t forget to give a tag name on each basket. Source: italienische singles kennenlernen This DIY idea is very simple but the result will make your apartment looks great.

You just need to get some moon shapes then hang them together using a rope on the wall. Source: pinterest Your apartment kitchen is not only about utensil or pan storage. It is recommended for you to make it looks much pretty with some decoration, for example using this word art. Source: pinterest If you think a wooden headboard is too much for your apartment, you can change it using mini lights.

Hang the mini light near your bed then cover them with pretty white fabric. Source: pinterest You can easily single bedroom apartment design ideas a home welcoming entrance using a mirror. It is not an ordinary mirror because you need to decorate it with a beautiful frame.

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