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Remember how I said life is going pretty well the other day?

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Well, someone must have heard and thought it was time to intervene. Yesterday I wanted to spend a calm evening crafting at home, but I ran out of hotglue sticks, so I wanted to quickly go out, buy some more and continue.

But on my way back from the shop, it happened once again, the front wheel of my wheelchair broke on uneven pavement.

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I sat down next to it trying to repair it which of course I failed at and single or taken instagram post and more people single or taken instagram post. Now this was right next to a street with heavy traffic, so it caused quite a commotion. I called my parents as well, but after some time, even a policecar stopped and they tried single or taken instagram post help.

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They literally used a crowbar trying to repair it, but also failed. They actually called a bigger car to pick me up and bring me home and at this point, I was a nervous wreck, not even because of what happened, but because of all that human contact, causing a commotion, uncomfortable attention and coming home much later than planned.

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I just wanted to get crafting supplies and have a calm evening, not this mess. After that, I didn't have any nerves to continue crafting either.

single or taken instagram post

So now I have to wait until the repair people reply and can make an appointment to exchange the wheel. We asked and they don't want to just send the wheel so I can exchange it myself, which would be very easy and the fastest option.

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Instead, I'll have to wait for that appointment, meaning I can't use my wheelchair for the next few weeks and won't be mobile, can't go out to meet anyone, etc. It also means I'll have a shortage of money single or taken instagram post again. At least I still had my very old wheelchair in the basement, so I can use it at home.

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I really want to be positive and make the best of life, but then things like this keep happening. For anyone who always asks "can I help you?

single or taken instagram post

Not by touching my chair without asking my permission, but by helping to make the world more accessible. By bringing up the point that pavement should be even and wide enough.

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By not parking your e-scooter in the middle of it, forcing wheelchair users to drive over curbs. By letting repair people know that it's not ok to leave disabled people without mobility for several weeks.

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