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Singles bad schwartau his military service he studied history and Romance philology. He graduated Magister Artium. During his studies he worked as a corrector and translator for the Carlsen-Verlag Carlsen-press.

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In Bastian Sick started working as a documentation journalist in the photo archive of German news magazine Der Spiegel. In those columns he writes in a funny and entertaining way about the case of doubt in the German language, for example the grammar, the spelling, the punctuation and the writing style.


The title of the book called Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod literally The Dative is to the Genitive its Death use puns employing the his genitivewhich is not used in standard German and often considered unaesthetic, instead of singles bad schwartau normative genitive case.

More than singles bad schwartau million copies of this book were sold within two years.

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Besides his columns Bastian Sick published other books with language curiosities. Sick has done several tours of reading where he also performed as an entertainer.

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Recordings from this event and recordings from his tours were published as audio books. With artists like Jochen BusseKonrad Beikircher and Susanne Pätzold Sick presented in his thirty minutes show oddities out of the language everyday life.

In the following year Sick left the Spiegel publishing company and became a self-employed author and speaker. In addition he did a South-America tour with eight performances in six countries in Bastian Sick lives and works in Hamburg.

Books[ edit ] Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod.

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Ein Wegweiser durch den Irrgarten der deutschen Sprache.

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